Sweet Coconut Paste

Snow-white flavored pasta with an amazing coconut and vanilla flavor, this is love from the first spoon. It gently melts in your mouth while you enjoy the taste, and your mood improves!

The most important thing is not to eat pasta at a time!
Store: relative humidity not more than 75%; temperature +6 ° С ... + 25 ° С
The natural product to a temperature of 36 ° C has a solid appearance, takes on a creamy form above this temperature.
Shelf life 12 months, 1 month after opening the package.
It does not contain gluten, GMOs, palm oil, dyes, stabilizers.
May contain traces of sesame, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, etc.
The date of manufacture is indicated on the bank.
Manufactured in accordance with TU 10.39.22-001-0126762495-2018

300 g
708 kkal
11 g
67 g
16 g


dried coconut pulp


natural vanilla flavor

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